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Fine Iron Powder, Acid Soluble

Fast chemical reactions, hydrogen gas production, wood stains, iron-based chemicals.
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Fine Iron Powder  Acid Soluble

Fine Iron Powder is a high-quality, acid-soluble powder ideal for facilitating quick chemical reactions. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for various applications, including the production of hydrogen gas, wood stains, Iron Sulfate (Ferrous Sulfate), and other iron-based chemicals. The powder exhibits exceptional solubility in diluted sulfuric acid, diluted hydrochloric acid, and diluted acetic acid (Vinegar), ensuring efficient reactions and desired outcomes.

Key Features:

  • Facilitates quick chemical reactions
  • Enables hydrogen gas production
  • Ideal for wood stains
  • Suitable for iron-based chemical production
  • Highly soluble in diluted acids

Product Specifications:

Particle SizeFine
SolubilityAcid Soluble
ApplicationsChemical Reactions, Hydrogen Gas Production, Wood Stains, Iron-Based Chemicals

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Perfect for chemists, chemical manufacturers, industrial researchers, and professionals seeking effective iron-based solutions.
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